HEXENTANZ "Nekrocrafte" CD HEXENTANZ "Nekrocrafte" LP
HEXENTANZ "Nekrocrafte" Digipak CD HEXENTANZ "Nekrocrafte" 12inch LP

Originally published in 2004 by The Fossil Dungeon, and long out-of-print, the debut full-length album of Hexentanz has been graciously resurrected by Agonia Records.

"Nekrocrafte" presents a dark ritualistic examination of the Witches Sabbath coupled with themes of medieval necromancy. Composed with actual period instruments, synthetic ritual devices, human bones, and authentic arcane chants of medieval and modern occult practice.

The CD and LP respectively feature rare compilation tracks and/or previously unreleased tracks.


“From funeral procession music to frantic ritual drumming.”
- Compulsion Magazine (Canada)

“Every lover of ritual music, with a heavy medieval touch,
will need this release.”

- Back Again Webzine (Germany)

“Dark soundscapes, filled with mental propoganda,
taking you straight to Hell! Spooky!”

- Gothic Beauty Magazine (USA)

"Extremely dark, demonic...not recommended to play with the lights off or at night. These songs are scary enough in the day time with the lights on."
- Funprox Webzine (Netherlands)

"Unholy recordings of things you were never meant to hear...
dark, creepy and way out of the ordinary."

- Urotsukidoji's Pad Webzine (USA)